Ayurvedic science is aimed at the preservation of health and prevention of disease by establishing balance and harmony through nutrition, herbs, meditation, and daily routines. Ayurvedic science provides knowledge to unfold the reality beyond the physical body and achieve harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit. In view of propagating Ayurveda world wide, we provide courses in international level. We offer lectures on philosophy and foundational principles of Ayurveda concepts of health and ill-health and f medicines and treatments. We provide SHORT TERM COURSES IN AYURVEDA. COURSES FOR INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS AND WE ALSO GIVE CLASSES ABROAD.

  • Advanced Ayurveda training course for Brazilians (Abra)
  • Ayurveda Training Program for Argentinian Professionals (Agneya)
  • Ayurveda Training for Chile Group
  • Ayurveda Training for South Florida Group
  • Medvaidya Seminar for Switzerland Group
  • Residential Advanced Ayurveda Training Program in Association with Brazilian Association of Ayurveda (ABRA)
  • Residential Advanced Ayurveda Training Program Level – l & Level – ll for Doctors & professionals in Association with AGNEYA, Argentina.
  • Online Ayurveda Training Program for Doctors & Professionals Association with AGNEYA & Faculty of Medicine, National University, Rosario, Argentina.
  • Special Ayurveda Course in Association from Naradeva Shala, Latin American school of Ayurveda & Ayurvida, Chile.
  • Medvaidya – A comprehensive Ayurveda Training Program in association with Swiss Ayurveda Medical Academy, Vevey, Switzerland.
  • Therapist Training program for US nationals in association with ISHA.
  • Ayurveda Training Program for professionals from Japan.
  • Advance Ayurveda Training Program for doctors & professionals from Latvia & neighbouring countries.