Foreign Students Informations

In order to make your stay hassle free, please follow the below instruction:

During your stay...
  • Please keep the room key safely and hand it over to the concerned staff before leaving the campus.
  • Keeping the personal belongings, valuables or not, is your responsibility. The Institution will not be responsible for any loss.
  • We provide separate accommodation for male and female. Cross entry is not permitted.
  • Do not change the allotted rooms as it brings certain administrative difficulties.
  • Don’t forget to switch off all electrical gadgets after use.
  • Please have fun. But not at the cost of other’s peace.
  • Please use water judiciously. Please close the water taps properly after use. Report any leakages to the concerned person.

Dining Hall:
  • Dining Hall will be opened only during the time mentioned in the Schedule. Please stick to that.
  • Please do not waste food.
  • Maintain queue and discipline in the dining area.

Other general instructions:
  • The program is residential and no participants will be allowed to leave the campus except in case of emergency, before completion of the program.
  • Please do not venture out of the campus, especially in dark, as the place is closer to wild animal habitat.
  • The dress code is formal decent Indian dress.
  • The attendance for all academic sessions is compulsory and staying away from them will be allowed only for genuine medical reasons.
  • Mobile phones will not be permitted inside the auditorium and during the sessions. Please inform your family and friends about this. The land line number of the venue is 0422 - 2367400, which you may use to communicate anything urgently.
  • A First Aid Box is available at the Pharmacy Counter.
  • Please use the rest rooms during the breaks so as to avoid interruption during sessions.
  • If you go to your rooms during breaks, please return on time.
  • No smoking/drinking/pan chewing allowed.
  • Use bins – inside the rooms and also in the campus. Don’t dispose waste haphazardly. Help us to keep the premises clean.
  • The
  • Please avoid photography during academic sessions. All photographs may be downloaded from the website after the course. Get permission of individuals before you photograph them.
  • Video recording of the sessions is not permitted.
  • Yoga and Spiritual Sessions are only for those who are interested and after prior intimation.