Patient Information

Thank you very much for choosing AVP Pathanjalipuri!!!
AVP Pathanjalipuri is a potential place of healing. Located at the foot hills of Western Ghats, in the mother nature, where the physical world merges with the celestial world, one can feel the healing touch of nature. The name Pathanjalipuri is given in memory of the sage Pathanjali, who was meditating on the rock behind the hospital. The serene atmosphere, the air loaded with healing properties of abundant medical herbs growing around, and the exhilarating green lush forests, will make anyone mentally and physically healthy. The place is surrounded by beautiful mountains which possess a lot of energy.Here the weather is warm in the day and cool at night. The forest area gives you the complete greenery effect.

How do I plan my travel? What all things should I bring?
You can travel light. The climate is pleasant. You may bring some comfortable clothes, one pullover ,a small jacket and one or two pair socks. You may carry a small shawl to cover your head after treatment, if required. We will provide you one cotton tower. If you are particular in using a big and softy one, we suggest you carry one of your kind. Hair wash will be done on daily basis and we provide you our branded shampoos. If in case you are particular in continuing with your own brand, we advise you to carry it with you. While returning, you will have to carry post treatment medicine for 3 to 6 months. Hence please keep sufficient space in your bag.

Please bring all your past medical reports, if any. If your taking any medication on daily basis and that cannot be immediately discontinues, kindly bring sufficient stock to last through your treatment period.

Please send us your arriving details that we can arrange a pick-up service.

(cost from Coimbatore Airport 1350 Rs, Coimbatore Railway station 1000 Rs; from Cochin Airport: 7700 Rs)

How long I will be at Mangarai?
Our treatment duration is minimum of 7 days and maximum of 35 days. The advent of an illness or menstruation or other factors makes the length of treatment unpredictable.

In these cases the external treatment will be be stopped. You may have to extend some more days in order to cover the period in which you didn't receive the treatment. So, please plan accordingly.